Just The Way You Walk: The Meaning Of Your Steps

Walking is a process that involves movement from your head down to your toes, and of course, your brain. Some of your steps are longer than the rest, and the right step may be shorter than the left. Your gait and posture are certainly affected by the quality of your strides, and your pacing might be showing clues about your character and your health condition.

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Most Common Biking Injuries

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Bicycles have been around since the 1800s, and now it is considered as one of the favorite ways that people do to stay active, lose or maintain weight, and keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. Biking is actually an extreme cardiovascular exercise that works on the whole body all at once. It is not surprising that as of today, there are approximately 80 million cyclists in the United States.

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Walking And Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Walking, like other types of physical activity, is similar to medication. It has a way of easing rheumatoid arthritis pain and even builds strength on the supporting muscles of your joints. It improves one’s mood and behavior, helps improve sleep, reduces blood pressure and prevents other health conditions. Indeed, it does help add years to one’s life.

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What You Should Know About Long Distance Cycling

Exercise is one of the best – and cheapest- anti-aging antidotes. — Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

I am on my sixth month of loving my biking hobby and getting ready for trying out the next level – long distance cycling. I’ve just biked within the city – in parks, to my workplace, or to smooth terrains just a few miles from my neighborhood.

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