Recumbent Bikes And How They Help With Physical Therapy




Bike riding for therapeutic purposes has been very potent in healing from cognitive and emotional problems. Bike riding coaches and therapists agree that bike riding has the capacity to impact a child’s self-confidence and mindset positively. They add that a youngster goes through coordination development, bodybuilding, increased capacity to focus, and polishing of the senses on a physical level. For instance, kids who have ADHD may find it difficult to focus even for ten minutes regularly. But when riding the bike, they usually prosper.

Mentally, bike riding entails overcoming challenges and confronting many fears. Every terrain, every rock signifies a new test, and what was previously not doable becomes possible. The growth then becomes evident pretty quickly.

Speaking of bikes for therapy, this article will primarily talk about another type of bike – the recumbent bike. It has been used in the United States and other countries to help individuals who have physical injuries and those who have undergone surgery. Continue reading to learn more about these unique and useful bikes.

Introduction To Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bicycles are marvelous pieces of gym apparatus that are used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Their style and purpose make them convenient to use, with little soreness on the injured ligaments, joints, and tendons. They also permit you to build muscles during the course of recovery and after.

These types of bikes are stationary, and they have bucket seats. Rather than sitting unswervingly on the pedals, these pedals are positioned more frontward and fixed on the machine, making it simpler to control the bike and putting less stress on the back, hips, and knees while increasing muscle strength. Recumbent bicycles can be seen in fitness facilities, physical rehab clinics, and even home gyms. Occasionally, they are utilized concurrently with a conventional standing pedal bicycle, but they are usually used gradually, such as from a recumbent to a traditional bicycle.


Use In Physical Therapy

Because of its design, the recumbent bicycle puts less tension and stress on the knees, hips, and back, as mentioned above. When an individual is healing from surgery or some injury, the objective is to return to the point before the incident. Sometimes, this healing period can take a longer time, depending on the situation. Initiating is gradually is a great way of decreasing the risk of harm, all while giving mild activity to return lost muscle strength and tone.

While you could utilize a recumbent bicycle for strength exercises, they are frequently used to work for similar muscle groups as a standing bicycle but with decreased trauma to the joints and ligaments. If you are diagnosed with a tendon injury or arthritis, a recumbent bicycle is a great first-time bike to get individuals on their journey to recovery or be more active.

Recumbent bicycles do offer a cardiovascular workout with lesser trauma on the heart. To increase blood circulation and heart rate, one can still attain good cardiovascular exercise with lesser trauma on the body. If you have problems with balance, a recumbent bicycle is frequently preferable to a standing bicycle. Individuals healing from a stroke can include cardio exercise without worrying about falling from the bike. The recumbent bicycle is definitely a great alternative because you are in a comfortable sitting position and can use a seatbelt for more safety.

Some doctors particularly write their prescriptions that no standing bicycles can be utilized for treating their patients. The reason for this is that a standing bike needs you to tolerate weight-bearing for riding and standing upright on the machine. If you can find a good quality recumbent bicycle, you can safely transfer the seat to one side, and then the patient can don the bike with very little stress. For patients recovering from knee, back, or hip problems, it is vital to distinguish the unique characteristics of the two bikes.

Resistance Training Using Recumbent Bicycles


You can definitely perform resistance training using the recumbent bicycle. There are different methods to intensify its resistance. For instance, if you are recovering from physical trauma, the resistance you must use should be small not to injure your joints and other body parts. But you can also intensify the resistance to give you a beneficial workout as you recover and improve.

With a recumbent bicycle assembled in your home, you can achieve great cardiovascular exercise without hurting your hips and back. These bikes are also wonderful machines to add to the rehab team or the physical therapy field. They are also very useful for fitness and home gyms where you could have some restrictions but still want to perform a cardiovascular workout.

Remember to always discuss this matter with your healthcare provider before initiating any exercise regimen using the recumbent bike. For assistance in finding an exercise that suits your lifestyle and capacity levels, you can always ask a licensed and experienced physical therapist. This medical professional possesses the skills and expertise required to help manage your injuries and keep you active while safely preventing untoward incidents or injuries in workouts, sports, and other activities.



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