Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Depression

Being locked down in my house for three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic made me a little paranoid about going out. Hence, even when the restrictions got lifted, I stayed at home as much as possible.


I would say that the most beautiful thing I got out of it was my cat’s love. Lulu was a gift from my friends a year ago because they remembered me telling them that I wanted a cat a long time ago. However, the new feline member of the family did not like me very much in the beginning. She would not hiss or scratch me, but she always ignored me.

When I stayed indoors with Lulu more often, though, she somehow got used to my presence. She no longer left any room I was in; sometimes, she would even lay down near my feet or rub against my leg while watching TV. It honestly felt like Lulu already accepted me.

But then again, my boss ended our work-from-home setup and asked everyone to return to the office. I was hesitant to do that primarily due to the health risks that would come with this rule. What I failed to account for was its impact on Lulu. It took weeks of biking to and from work for me to realize that Lulu barely ate the food I left in her container and stayed in her bed for God knew how long.

Could Lulu be depressed?

How can I tell if my cat is depressed? 

Your cat may be depressed if:

  • It does not want to eat at all.
  • It hides more often than not.
  • It seldom wants to move.
  • It has become aggressive all of a sudden.
  • It tends to sleep a lot.

Do indoor cats get depressed? 

Although it does not seem too familiar, yes, indoor cats get depressed sometimes. You will notice it when they lose interest in their favorite foods or refuse to do anything in the house.


How can you tell if your cat is feeling bad? 

The quickest way to know if your cat is dealing with a physical or mental issue is by checking its energy level. Cats may not be as active as dogs, but if your cat seems to be lazier than ever, it is often a sign that something’s wrong with them. Similarly, their food consumption also indicates cats’ moods. If your feline does not eat, they may not feel too well even if you prepare their favorites. 

Are two cats better than one? 

Yes, two cats are always better than one. The reason has something to do with getting two cats entails that two more animals have a new family to care for them. As for the expenses, there is not much difference between one or two cats.

What makes a cat depressed? 

The death of their partner can undoubtedly make a cat feel depressed. It is also possible when you relocate them, leave them behind often, or do not pay enough attention to them.

How do you cheer up a cat? 

  • Allocate time for your cat every day. Even if you do not leave the house and play with it for more than 30 minutes, that may make them happy.
  • Keep in mind that cats love to catch mice, light, or even a ball of yarn. You can buy those for them so that they don’t feel lonely when you are out.
  • Set up scratching poles or climbing towers at home. Though such structures may take up some space in the living room, they can cheer up a cat.
  • Bring your cat to a cat café or let it watch cat-stimulating videos on YouTube.

Do cats feel sad when you give them away? 

Of course, cats feel sad when you give them away. It tells them two things: they need to get used to new surroundings and owners and are no longer wanted in your home.

Is it okay if my cat sleeps all day? 

Yes, it is normal for cats to sleep all day. Most pets do catnapping, which can take up to 18 hours daily. Despite that, their senses should still be sharp, in the sense that they wake up when someone walks nearby or touches them.

What does it mean if a cat sleeps on you? 

If a cat sleeps on you, it mostly means that they mark you as their own. It is technically a positive thing.

How do I rehydrate my cat? 

A dehydrated cat may want to drink more water if you add flavor to it. That flavor mostly comes from low-sodium chicken or beef broth.

What does a happy cat look like? 

A cat’s ears perk up when they are happy. You will also notice that they lick themselves or run around more when they do not feel depressed.

Is my cat stressed or sick? 

A stressed or sick cat typically does something that it does not always do. For instance, if your cat is used to doing its business in the litter box or playing with toys, and then it stops doing all that, something is undoubtedly wrong with them.

Should I let my cat sleep with me? 

Yes, you should let your cat sleep with you, especially if you are alone. Feeling it breathe may help you doze off more quickly.


How do you relax a stressed cat?

If you wish to soothe a stressed cat, you need to do the following:

  • Give your cat a wide berth. You cannot force it to cheer up, no matter what you do. If possible, let it be alone in a room for a little while. Your pet will come out and play when it’s ready.
  • Try to keep the environment the same at all times. Even if you need to move to another house, recreate the original setup so that the cat will not feel alienated.
  • Offer play options to your cat all the time. Fake mice or laser is not enough for all pets. If possible, add a climbing tower or scratching pole in the mix, too.
  • Avoid yelling when your cat is around, mainly if it is newly adopted. You want to make it comfortable at your house, not scare it away.

Final Thoughts

I had to ask the vet to help me find a behavioral specialist for animals to determine if Lulu had depression. I felt sad when the specialist confirmed my suspicion. It felt like I failed as a pet owner. However, he advised me to spend more time with my cat or settle with a routine so that Lulu won’t get too depressed. After a few months, it worked, and she liked me enough to let me take her on my bike rides sometimes.

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