I have always been an active person – basketball, volleyball, swimming, and table tennis, but after my car accident, I was told by my doctors to lay low on these sports. It was a devastating moment for me to learn that I had to stay away from the activities that I loved to do. I played basketball twice a week and volleyball every other Sunday. My swimming routine was Wednesdays and Fridays, while I meet with my table tennis buddies once a month. Good thing I found the 2016 Indiana Bike And Walk Summit – I had a reason to be active again.

My doctor cleared me to go on with the walking exercises, and so I started with that. I also read good things about walking exercises, and I just like to share it with all of you:

  • To maintain your overall health and wellbeing, you need to walk at least 30 minutes each day. If you can’t do that, then, at least three times each week. As they say, “little is good, but more is so much better.” Just try to do what you can, increasing your walk time each month.
  • It is so much fun to walk with a friend than to walk by yourself. You get to bond with your friend while exercising – killing two birds with one stone on this one since you are enhancing your social life and physical health at the same time.
  • If you are overweight, you have to see your doctor first before embarking on an exercise routine, even if it’s just walking. This is essential; just to make sure that your body is fit enough to go on a walking routine.
  • Walking is a low impact workout, and it doesn’t have to be vigorous to reap of the health benefits.
  • Your cardiovascular health and the pulmonary system will be enhanced, reducing the risk of contracting heart-related issues, stroke, hypertension, bad cholesterol, diabetes, bone problems, and obesity.


In the summit, I was so excited. I was to embark on a new journey in my active lifestyle. I’ve been doing this for two years now, and even if I miss the balls, I have my feet to do the walking which satisfies me.

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